The Best Brand in Each Food Category

Mustard Gold's
Note: Ba-Tampte brand Deli Mustard was previously considered the best
until the last three (3) Ba-Tampte mustards were found to be watery.
Mayonnaise Hellmann's
Ketchup Heinz
Cream Cheese Philadelphia
Sour Cream Breakstone
Root Beer Mug
Baked Beans Heinz
Potato Chips Wise
Raisin Bran Cereal Post
Hummus Sabra
Pita Bread Arnold
Chocolate Syrup Bosco
Coffee Dunkin Donuts
Hot Dogs Hebrew National
Horseradish Ba-Tampte
Orange Juice Tropicana
Apple Juice Mrs. Adlers
Grape Jelly Welsh
Matzoh Yehuda
Note: Streit's brand matzoh was previously considered the best
until the last two purchases were not as crisp as Streit's once was.

Yehuda was selected after a large taste-test.
It was noticeably better than the rest.
Peanut Butter Skippy
Margarine Mothers
Butter Breakstone
Italian Ices Marinos
Candy Bar Butterfinger
Energy Drink Monster
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream




Note: Breyer's brand Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream was previously considered the best until Breyer's decided to cheap out and removed the milk fat.

Without the milk fat, Breyer's is no longer allowed to call it's product "Ice Cream".
It now calls it's product "Frozen Dessert".  A penny saved is now a customer lost.
Frozen Slush-type Drink Mr. Misty
Cola Flavored Soda Coke
Chewing Gum Wrigleys
Bubble Gum Bazooka
Soy Sauce La Choy
Sports Drink Gatorade
Pickles Guss'

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